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Pages supporting Junior Members of TGC

The Gliding Centre (TGC)- Junior Members, Care and Safeguarding

The purpose of this repository is to provide access to the documentation and forms relating to the guidance and care of our Junior Members. Junior Members clearly represent the future of our Club and we have a “duty of care” to those under the age of 18, which is shared by all.

Safeguarding and Guidance

  1. TGC Safeguarding Policy (based on BGA document)
  2. TGC Advice for parents- to distinguish parental/club responsibilities and highlight important safety issues/authorisations relating to the airfield and use of buggies/tractors etc. (based on document from the London Gliding Club)

Junior Membership

  1. Application form for Junior Membership
  2. Junior Member Training Record- To be held securely by Junior Member. Sections signed off by Instructor(s) both on paper and electronically, so that the Training Record is retained by the Club.

Scholarships TGC operates a scholarship scheme open to Junior Members, which aims to offset some of the flying costs. These scholarships are run on an annual basis, require a day per month of committment to support club activities but are not automatically awarded. Further Scholarship details and the: Scholarship Application Form.

Other Points

  1. Good practice guidelines when working with young people- Some useful commonsense guidelines compiled by the BGA.

and finally, there is a duty on our Club to report to Children’s Services, concerns about children where they may be at risk of significant harm. In all cases, it will be appropriate to gather and record facts about the concerns but not to prejudice formal investigations, which must be conducted in accordance with statutory procedures. Contact either the Junior Liasion Officer (Jim Chandler) or the Club Child Protection Officer (Dan Thorogood) if you have any concerns.

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